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Do Turtles Need Companions? Are Turtles Social?

Do turtles need companions? Is this question stressing you? As we know, turtles are always very anti-social, but surprisingly, they make to become excellent pets. They are very widespread in some countries. Most people will prefer to pet turtles because of the little labor they require. A turtle is not like a dog that requires you to spare about an hour every day for exercise.

Turtles will just need you to get them their essential needs and ensure cleanliness in their tank, and they will be good to go. So, the question now comes in. Don’t they get bored of being alone? Should they have a partner? Do they like to be around other turtles?

Well, these are some of the questions turtle owners ask themselves. Some owners may just want to add another turtle, and they may be wondering if the turtle they have will appreciate a partner. Today, we will be answering all these questions, and afterward, you will be able to know if you should bring in another turtle.

So, Do Turtles Need Companions? 

Well, Turtles do not need to have companions. They are anti-social animals and never get lonely. They don’t need to be with other turtles or have friends. You can put more than one turtle in the same tank, but they do not need each other for a companion. Turtles adapt to being alone since their first day. They do not depend on anyone or other turtles for survival.

Although they do not need each other, in the wild, you will occasionally find them stacking on top of each other and also when mating. Find out why do turtles stack?

Do Turtles Like To Be With Other Turtles?

No, pet turtles do not like to be with each other. It is because they never get lonely. They prefer being alone most of the time or in most cases. It is not wise to put two turtles together, especially if one is bigger than the other. Different species also matter. Some species are more aggressive compared to others. When they are put together in the same tank, one specie may hurt the other.

It is also the same case with turtles that are of different sizes. The bigger turtle may bully the small turtle. It is the reason why you should avoid having more than one turtle. In reality, turtles are not aggressive, and they only fight for survival. If you consider having more than one turtle, there are a variety of things that you should put into considerations. Stay tuned to know what you need to consider.

Do Turtles Live Alone Or In Groups?

Turtles are mysterious animals because they like to have their own space, but there are times you will find them together with other turtles. By now, we know that turtles are solitary animals. However, they exhibit some form of communication we cannot understand. Whenever they are breeding, you will find them together. They somehow know how to communicate with each other. During this time, they will walk together to the breeding area. None of them will be aggressive.

Another time when they don’t fight is when they stack on top of each other. Stacking is a form of survival. They know that they need each other to survive. Turtles will stack when they try to get to the highest point where they can absorb the sun rays better. These are the only two times when the turtles are in a group. Although they are not aggressive when breeding, you may find two males fighting for one female.

Does My Turtle Need A Partner?

Does My Turtle Need A Partner

By now, it is evident that your turtle does not need a partner. He is better of alone. Turtles love to have their own space with no disturbance. It is also the reason why you need to provide a hiding spot for your turtle, especially when he is new to give him some privacy. Turtles will only care about their survival. Therefore, if you happened to bring in a new turtle, they will fight most of the time.

The most obvious thing they will fight for is food. The smaller turtle will end up being bullied by the bigger turtle since he is more robust. It is, therefore, much better when they are alone because your turtles will suffer no injuries, and they will be much healthier. If you wanted to add another turtle to your collection, there are some things that you should put into consideration. Let us find out some of the things you should consider in the following sub-topic.

Can I Add Another Turtle?

Well, if you are looking forward to owning another turtle. You need to do some research. You should consider the turtle specie that you want to add to your collection. Some turtle species are more aggressive compared to others. If you put them together, one of your turtles will get bullied. To get another turtle, you should bring a turtle of the same species as the one you already have.

The other thing to consider is the size of the turtle. Size matters a lot. If you put a big turtle together with a small turtle, the older turtle will take advantage of the little turtles’ size. They will fight for food, and the big turtle will always win. You should ensure that the turtles are almost of the same size.

There are also issues with territories. Some turtles like to be alone, and they will, therefore, mark their territory. It may lead to enmity and hostility. Some turtles also require different care compared to others. For example, different turtles require different climate, food, humidity, temperature, etc. compared to others. This situation will put one turtle in a slightly uncomfortable position.

When turtles are small, they tend to be very friendly, and even when they placed together with other turtles, they get along. However, this changes as they grow, although not always. Try to put turtles of the same species, same size, and other things that we have talked about to keep them safe. I also recommend you to get them when they are small.  If they are big, you should just place them in separate tanks.


Are Turtles Social?

Turtles are anti-social animals that enjoy being alone. They spend most of their lives alone. The only time you may find them together is when there are conditions that favor the turtles. In this case, they will be there to survive.  

What Do Turtles Like To Play With?

Although turtles are non-social creatures, they do get bored. To kill their boredom, you can include some things in their tanks. These things include empty shells, create mazes for them, and you can also hide a treat that the turtle loves and let him find it. Turtles also have their ways to kill boredom. They enjoy digging and climbing.

Do Turtles Get Bored?

Yes. Turtles do get bored, and as the turtle owner, you should provide him with some things to play with. This will give your turtle a good life.  

Do Turtles Get Lonely?

No. Turtles do not get lonely, and they do not need anyone or partner. They are solitary animals that prefer being alone. If they are put together, they will end up fighting most of the time.

Do Turtles Get Attached To Their Owners?

Although turtles do recognize their owners, they do not get attached. They will just respect you as you play a significant role in their life, but if you left, they would not get worried. They will just move on with their lives and find alternatives for their survival.

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Do Turtles Need Companions

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