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What Do Turtles Symbolize? Discover Turtle Symbolism

Most of us keep turtles as pets, not knowing that they represent much more than what we see. These are the simple things that distinguish you from beginner turtle owners. They are exciting things to note and also, they should apply to our daily lives.

As a turtle owner, you should always seek knowledge to know more about turtles. That way, you will understand them much better, and you will also take care of them as they should. In the process, you will also learn other things that don’t matter that much but are still worth knowing.

So, today we shall learn what turtles symbolize and maybe learn something about life. Let us dive into it. Please check out our post on turtle adoption.

What do turtles symbolize?

Different turtles symbolize different characters. The most obvious is patience because turtles are never in a hurry unless they are startled. They exercise the art of patience by taking all the time they need to get to where they are going. Other things symbolized by turtles include endurance, hearing, listening, wisdom, longevity, peace, patience, skills, speed, and survival. These are pretty much the life skills we need to incorporate into our lives.

What Does A Turtle Symbolize In The Bible?

Generally, we know turtles to be slow and steady. It is a biblical symbol of patience and peace. The Bible teaches about virtues of life in which tolerance and wisdom are vital factors. Whichever projects you are working on, patience will give you a chance to pay attention to details and cross-check everything. Too much hurry is not always the best way to do things. Instead, you will end up make making mistakes over and over.

Turtles are also a symbol of longevity. They live for very long due to their slow rate of metabolism. Their long lives are envied by most. Also, since turtles do molt every once in a while, they are seen to be immortal. The ability to live long is praised by many just as Enoch and Elijah, who never saw death, are seen as heroes.

Turtles also signify fertility. The Bible upholds productivity and fertility, and as we know, turtles lay so many eggs that bring out the symbol of fertility. Turtles also spend most of their time in the water, which gives life to all living things. Although they spend most of their lives in the water, they will sometimes come to land. And this is seen as the connectivity between the sea and the life on earth.

Turtle Symbolism In Chinese Culture?

In Chinese culture, the phoenix, dragons, unicorns, and turtles are sacred. Among these, the turtle is the only animal still living, making them a symbol of longevity, power, peace, and tenacity. Turtles have been there since over 200 million years ago. They have undergone some different adaptational changes such as loss of teeth, and they can now pull their heads into their shells, but other than that, they are still the same turtles 200 million years ago.

Most believe that the carapace is the reason behind their survival. Chinese mythology tells that the shell is the world, and the marking on the shell represents the universe, heaven, and earth. The Chinese believed in turtles so much that they used them in ceremonies to predict the future.

They believe that turtles have supernatural powers because they can go for over one year without eating; they rarely get sick or die from diseases. They are the animals to have lived the longest in the animal kingdom. Turtles have lived longer than even the birds, lizards, snakes, mammals and crocodiles. Due to these “supernatural powers,” they are also worshipped in the temple.

Sea Turtle Symbolism

Sea Turtle Symbolism

Most sea turtle hatchlings have a slim chance of survival due to all the trouble they face. After the eggs hatch, the younglings have to move from the land to the sea safely. They have to avoid being eaten by the birds and the crabs and predators. When they get to the sea, they are food to other sea animals. For those younglings that make it to adulthood, they are a symbol of good luck. It is said that out of 1000 hatchlings, only one will survive to adulthood. That one sea turtle beats all the odds. They deserve to be taken care of by keeping their environment safe.

Turtle Spiritual Meaning

There is so much that you can learn from turtles. You can gain so much wisdom from their symbolism. Like I mentioned earlier, turtles are a symbol of patience, endurance, and persistence. These are essential virtues in life. Just like a snail, the turtles are slow, but they move at their own pace. Life is not about competition. What we should focus on is the goal. The turtle spirit animal teaches that we should not focus on the less important things and the things we missed out.

Instead, we should focus on the journey and the goal of where you are going. We should also let go of those things that pull us down. No matter how hard things get, we should never give up or forget what we want to achieve. Great achievements take time, so we should always remember to take it slow and steady. We learn from the turtle spirit animal that we should always trust the process and go with the flow. Surrender to the tides and go where they lead you. This way, you won’t stress over small things. Whatever we do, we should learn to enjoy the journey and trust that you will get what you want.  

In conclusion, we have been looking at what turtles do symbolize. Different cultures have different meanings of the turtle, but they revolve around wisdom, knowledge, peace, and patience. These are the qualities that we need in life to succeed.


Are Turtles A Sign Of Good Luck?

Many cultures consider turtles as a sign of good luck. Sea turtles go through a lot of hardship before they are fully grown. Their habitat is dangerous for them. From the time their eggs hatch, they rely on luck for survival. Fully grown turtles have overcome all the trouble, and this should be a sign of good luck.

What Does A Sea Turtle Mean Spiritually?

Sea turtle means that in life, we should never give up no matter how tough life gets. Sea turtles are always struggling to survive, which is a sign of endurance. We should also endure all the things in life and focus on making ourselves better.

Tortoise Symbolism

The turtle symbolizes peace, wisdom, and knowledge. Turtles can survive on their own and also defend themselves. The turtle brings out the nature of immortality and fertility. It also said that the turtle helped in the creation and also that the turtle carries the earth on its back.

What Does It Mean When A Turtle Comes To Your Door?

When a turtle comes to your doors, it means that good things will come your way when the right time comes. Some people will call the turtle the keeper to the doors, which means that they bring good luck, and you will get fairy rewards.

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