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What Is The Best Small Turtle For A Pet? [Tiny Turtle Pets]

The most asked question about turtle is what is the best small turtle for a pet? The apparent reason for this is you want to have a turtle for a pet. That is very understandable as I also own a pet turtle for more than 5 years now. So far, I have learned a lot when it comes to pet turtles. I started learning about them even before I got one for myself. I would research the best turtle to have as a pet. Today, I am going to share with you some of the things I have learned and some of the most asked questions. Stay tuned.

So, do small turtles fit to be your pet? Well, some small turtles do grow to become big. This is not a good thing for someone who wants tiny turtle pets. However, some turtle species will remain small even after they appear. These are the species that would fit well as a pet. They are several.

What Is The Best Small Turtle For A Pet?

Below I have mentioned the best small turtle to have as a pet, these species of turtles stay small:

  • Musk Turtles
  • Box Turtles
  • Spotted Turtles
  • Mud Turtles
  • Terrapin (Diamondback terrapin)
  • Reeves Turtle (Chinese Pond Turtle) 

According to my research, I would consider the best small turtle for a pet to be one that requires not much effort to take care of. From the research I conducted, the small turtle that I found able to fit my description of the best small turtle for a pet is the musk turtle.

Why musk turtles are the best to choose if you’re looking for a turtle that stays small. Musk turtles rarely beyond a length of 5 inches. This pet requires very little attention which you should be ready to give when you get him as a pet. Their diet mainly consists of crickets, earthworms, shrimp, bloodworms, vegetables, and fruits. Most musk turtle pets will eat pelleted turtle foods, as well. Getting the pet is also not expensive. From a pet store, you might get him for about $20 to $60. That’s very vast according to me.

You might also wonder about the best turtles for pets. The list is enormous as there are more than 250 species of turtles. They include the African aquatic side neck turtle, central American wood turtle, the painted turtle, Caspian pond turtle, and more.

How Do You Take Care Of A Small Turtle?

Although small turtles occupy very little space such that you might not feel their presence, they need a lot of love and attention. You must always make sure that he is healthy and happy. First of all, the turtle will require enough space to move around freely. This will ensure that he stays active the whole day. This, therefore, calls for a big sized aquarium. Other than that, you will need to ensure that the turtle tank is always clean. No living thing has ever been safe, staying in a dirty place. To make the cleaning easy, and extra pet container will be helpful. You will get another space to place your turtle when cleaning the aquarium. The pet container will also be learned when you want to take your pet for a walk. You, your turtle inside, and you are good to go. You will also need to make sure that the turtle does not starve. An adult turtle can go for months without food. Cheap five waits that long to feed him. A small turtle should be five for around 4 to 5 times a week.

What Is The Easiest Pet Turtle To Take Care For?

According to me, I find the red-eared slider the easiest turtle to care for. This is due to some reasons that I will get to in a few but first, we get to understand the turtle. The red-eared slider can also be referred to as the red-eared terrapin. He is from the group of the family called Emydidae. This reptile is unable to regulate its temperature and will, therefore, depend on the environment’s temperature. To keep himself warm, he will most of the time bask in the sun. This turtle will get to about 12 inches when they are fully grown.

The reason I find them very easy to take care of is they are very inexpensive. Their price is also very affordable. On top of this, their food costs are low, and minimal effort is required to maintain them. You should only think of their well being and the cleanliness of their environment. Once the turtle is past one year, he is bound to live for more than 30 years. This may not be the case if their water is not changed regularly. Unclean water makes them vulnerable to salmonella bacteria. To ensure that he stays healthy, you can implement a water filter always to ensure that the water is clean. Other than this, you will only need to check for signs of illnesses. Due to these simple reasons, I would also consider the red-eared slider to be the best turtle for a pet.

What Do You Feed A Small Pet Turtle?

I had to visit a vet myself to understand the food that I should feed my small pet turtle, how often I should feed him and the right amounts. Getting to know the kind of foods suitable for turtles can be quite a task. I would, therefore, recommend visiting a vet also. Generally, turtles like to feed on fruits, veggies, crickets, worms, and fish. I understood that the amounts would vary depending on the turtle. Some eat a lot compared to the others. To determine the amount, you can provide the turtle with so much food and check when he starts to lose appetite. Below I have some steps that you can follow to know the kind of foods that you should feed your turtle.

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Baby Turtle

You should first understand that baby turtle will feed on more meat than vegetables. As they keep growing, their diet changes, and they start eating more vegetables. You should, therefore, ensure that meat is on his diet. Fish, crickets, and worms are a good source of meat. You can buy live crickets and value as well as dead and packed.

Although they love meat at their early stages of life, you should supplement that with veggies and fruits. Some of the vegetables that I would recommend include kales, cabbage, parsley, spinach, and broccoli. You should also be able to include vitamins in his diet. This can be done by using supplements that will ensure that he gets the vitamins and minerals. For more information go into this post: How to Take Care of Baby Turtles?

Pet Turtles That Stay Small – Tiny Turtle Pets

Here are some of the tiny turtle pets that stay small. Pet turtles that stay small list include the Eastern Mud Turtle, Reeve’s Turtle, Box turtle, Diamondback terrapin, and Michigan spotted turtle. These are some of the types of pet turtles that will stay small even after they are fully grown.

Will A Turtle Stay Small In A Small Tank?

The size of the turtle will depend on the species of the turtle. Some turtles will grow to be big while others will not exceed 6 inches.

What Is The Smallest Tortoise For A Pet?

From my research, the smallest tortoise that can be a pet is the Chersobius signatus from the family of Testudinidae.

How people are calling tiny turtle pets?

There are many names for small turtles such as:

  • mini turtle pets
  • tiny turtle pets
  • miniature turtles
  • dollar turtles
  • quarter turtles
  • dwarf turtles

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