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Turtle Tank Filters – 7 Best Options For Your Turtle Tank

Are you looking for turtle tank filters? You are probably looking for the best filter for a turtles tank. Getting the best is what we always look forward to, but remember, choosing the best is not always easy. No one wants to keep spending money on something that you already have. For that matter, you need to do much research before diving in the turtle-tank-filters the purchase. To save you from all the research, I have done the research myself and I have come up with a list of the best filters for turtles. Stay tuned.

So, what are the best turtle tank filters?

From all the research, I came to the conclusion that the Fluval series is the best. There are other good filters but I narrowed down to Fluval for reasons that I will talk about later on in this post.

Turtle Tank Filters – You Need A Powerful Filter

Let’s begin by understanding that turtles are very messy. This, therefore, calls for a really powerful filter. Your job as a turtle’s owner is to ensure that your turtle is always happy. Some of the things that provide the happiness of a turtle are things like their tanks. When the tank is big enough, your turtles will have an easy time moving around. They will have enough space to move around. That’s not all. The cleanliness of the tank makes them happier. This is where the filters come in. Big filters are needed for big tanks. Not only should the filters be big, but they should also be powerful to ensure that the water remains clean and clear. For this to be possible, the filter should be at least rated twice as much as the capacity of the tank.

Turtle Tank Filters – You Need A Multi-Level Filter

The other thing you need is a multi-level system. This means that the filter should have a biological filtration system, mechanical as well as a chemical. The natural filtration system takes care of the much ammonia excreted by the turtles. If not taken care of, ammonia is deadly to turtles. Here is how the ammonia is taken care of. The filter sucks the ammonia and it is broken down into nitrite. To make the nitrite less toxic, you break it down into nitrate which is not as harmful.

Even when you have powerful filters, you should do a thorough cleaning every once in a while. A mechanical filtration system takes care of the animal waste, crud and gunk, and excess, decayed leftover foods. This filtration ensures the water is as clear as possible and clean.

The chemical filtration system just like the name suggests uses a chemical medium to break down the materials that go through it. For example, activated carbon which takes care of the organic matter and ammonia removers for ammonia breakdown.

Now that we have that out of our ways let us now look at some of the best filters for turtles.

Best filters for turtles 

  •       Fluval series of filters.

Fluval series of filters are the filters I would recommend to everyone. Here is why. They come in different sizes, starting from 25 to 100 gallons. They have different options to choose from when it comes to the filter media. The best part is that they have 3 years of warranty which is excellent. This filter gets rid of excess air every day. The filter is very powerful starting from 106 models at 145 gallons per hour to 406 at 383 gallons per hour. These filters tend to be expensive than their competitors but the quality is assured. Check the price here.

  •       Penn-Plax Cascade Filters

The Penn-Plax Cascade is as good as the Fluval series, only cheaper. They have a large tray to allow for multi-level filtration, they have options for the filtration media, the water flow valves are adjustable, and they come in different sizes. Bestseller on Amazon.

  •       Eheim Pro 4+ 600 Filter

These fall into the category of canister filters, which have large trays than other filter types. The Eheim Pro is durable which covers for their price. This filter has a rating of 160 gallons with a turn over of about 330 GPH. The good thing about this filter is that it is among the most. quiet filters out there. Check it.

  •       Pond Boss FM002P Filter Kit

The Pond Boss Filter is an eco-friendly filter which is quiet and energy-efficient. This is filter has a maximum flow of 320 gallons per hour. An additional bonus, the filter comes with a spray nozzle. This makes it possible to make a fountain inside your turtle tank. Check it is Amazon’s Choice.

  •       SunSun 5-Stage External Canister Filter

The SunSun filter also makes the right choice when you are on a budget. This filter has a flow rate of 2000L/Hr. This is great for the tanks of up to 150 gallons. The downside is the setup. It is not very easy and the quality is not one to compare to other high-quality filters. Apart from that, they get the job done. Check the price here.

This is a 3 stage filter. This filter gets rid of all fine debris, ensuring the clarity of the water. It can filter 290 gallons per hour. This is great for aquariums of up to 97 gallons. This is an excellent filter for keeping the tank clean and healthy. Check the price, it is Amazon’s Choice.

The zoo Med is known for their great products. This is great for the big size tanks. The good thing with this is that the flow rate system is adjustable. This filter is great at getting rid of dirt and ammonia inside the tank. The filter also controls the odor of the tank thanks to the spray bar system. It provides great aeration which keeps the tank fresh. Also Amazon’s Choice.

Avoid These Types Of Filters

There are a lot of perfect filters out there like the ones I have mentioned above, but there are also terrible ones that you should avoid. Here are some of the filters that you should prevent.

  •       Undergravel filters- These filters do a good job of cleaning the tank. But turtles love to dig and this will end up clogging the filter system. These type of filters are suitable for fish but not turtles

Canister Filters Are Perfect For Turtles

The most recommended filter are canister filters. These filters are placed under the tank to avoid taking up the tank’s space. These filters do a pretty good job. The only downside is the price. These filters are not for everyone, especially the bigger ones. When looking for a canister filter, you should look for one with more stages and holds lots of media. It should also have a turn over rate of more than five times per hour.

The Best Internal Filter For A Turtle Tank

From my experience, cannister filters are the best internal filters. I do not prefer internal filters that much but If I would consider one, it would be a canister filter. They do a pretty good job, and they are much powerful than most other filters.


What Is The Best Filter For A Red-Eared Slider?

The best filter should be twice or thrice the capacity of the tank, and it should be sturdy. The rest will come to preference. I prefer the Fluval series.

Can You Use Fish Filters For Turtles?

The answer is yes. A fish filter can be used for a turtles tank. The manufacturers do their best to create filters that are versatile. These ensure their products are used in different environments and other animals as well.

How Often Do You Clean A Turtle Tank With A Filter?

Although filters take the part of cleaning the tanks, they also get dirty, and substrates from the tank may clog them. You should clean the tank at least once every month. That way, the filters can work perfectly.

How Do You Set Up A Turtle Filter?

Setting up a turtle filter should be easy and straight forward. You start by assembling the filter. The next step is to install the filter. In this process, make sure everything fits and tightly fitted.

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